Bradley Family Winery was established in 2013 in the Santa Ynez Valley of California. Starting with 200 vines of Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc planted on their own property, today they grow and manage over 6,500 vines consisting of Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Grenache Blanc, Tempranillo, and Sangiovese. Bradley Family Winery currently produces 300-400 cases per vintage. 

Our first bottled vintage  (the 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Adobe Canyon) debuted at the the 2014 Southern Exposure Festival.

The Story behind the name

When we planted our first vines on our property, they were separated into 2 small blocks (100 vines each). One block was planted with Syrah and the other with Sauvignon Blanc. White block for one daughter, Kym, and Red block for our other daughter, Michelle representing them being direct opposites of each other's nature and personalities. Today we call this the K&M Vineyard. With involvement from all members of the family, from vineyard care to winemaking, it was a way to keep the family united together with each other, so the name became Bradley Family Winery.

The story behind the wines

Our Sauvignon Blanc to date has all been in stainless. In 2014, we will start using some neutral oak barrels in the program. Our current reds are being aged in 3-5 year old French Oak barrels. Being a new start up winery we are building our barrel program. For now, we look to bring out the varietals’ bouquet and fruit with less infusion of oak flavor and yet take advantage of the micro-oxygen process through the wood/stave design of a barrel that benefits the wine’s quality and complexity.

David Bradley   

Get to know our winemaker

When did you start making wine?
I began making wine in 2003 as a hobby. 

How did you get your start in the winemaking business? “The Seed” was planted in 1972 after a visit to a home wine cellar storing age worthy world class wines in Austin, Texas.

What wine made you want to become a winemaker/start your own winery? Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc

What varietals do you work with? Which varietal/wine is your favorite to make? Syrah, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese & Tempranillo. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc are my favorites. 

What do you love about your winemaking region? What makes it different special? Soils and the range of temperature added to the marine influence provide for a wide range of micro-climates to grow numerous grape varietal. The varied micro-climates in a small area make it unique. We have 5 AVAs established in the Santa Ynez Valley.

We’re curious…do you even get tired of drinking your own wine? Is it considered bad form to dip into your inventory? No, because wine, our passion, sees it it ever evolving. As they say, “ a work in progress.” Also, my wife says our wine is the best !!!

Do you still have a day job? Yes, being creative as General Building Contractor. Building and being part of making dreams happen for others.



  • 2015 Orange County Fair ­­­­— Gold Medal - 2012 Sangiovese


  • 2014 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition ­­­­— Best of Class of Region
  • 2014 California State Fair Commercial Wine Competition ­­­­— Silver Medal


  • Hidden Gems Tasting/Competition/Auction ­­­­— 1st Place White: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Ventura County Fair (31st District Agricultural Association) — 1st Place White: Sauvignon Blanc


  • Hidden Gems Tasting/Competition/Auction ­­­­— 1st Place Red: Rose of Syrah


  • Hidden Gems Tasting/Competition/Auction ­­­­— 1st Place Red: Syrah


  • Hidden Gems Tasting/Competition/Auction ­­­­— Best of Show: Syrah/Grenache